Who we are


“The free society which serves as the premise of so much liberal attack on fascism is the ideal of philosophical anarchy, and not the reality of any society that ever was.” - Lawrence Dennis


It is this reality which inspires and gave birth to the American Blackshirts.


On April 29, 1945, Benito Mussolini, Clara Pettaci, Achille Starace, Alessandro Pavolini, and Nicolo Bambacci paid the ultimate price for their faith, being killed by Communist Partisans. Their bodies were taken to Milan and strung up for the world to see, thus ending the first epoch of Fascism. Over the next few years, thousands more European Fascists were murdered by the Communists, most of whom have been forgotten. It is our duty to make sure their struggle was not in vain. That in their deaths there was meaning. It is in the United States where the visions of those now dead men and women will be fulfilled by the American Blackshirts Party.


While the world is a much different place than what it was during the interwar period, the issues which gave rise to the Fascism of that era have become more pronounced as the spiritually deadening effects of Democratic Capitalism are now, more than ever, apparent for the world to see. The time has come for a rebirth of Fascism. Not the Fascism that the establishment wants us to believe still exists. Groups such as the National Socialist Movement, the KKK, and the American Nazi Party are not Fascists, nor are libertarians or supporters of big business. The word Fascist has been misused to such an extent that the term has become a buzzword for evil and slavery. When people hear it, all that comes to mind is concentration camps and mass death. Therefore, our first objective is education. The true meaning of Fascism has to be explained to an audience with no knowledge of its history and story. We are here to present the true story of its history and the positive message inherent within it.


What we are proposing is the establishment of a political party and social movement inspired by Mussolini and Fascist Italy. Our uniqueness is due to a movement of this type having never existed before in the United States. With the continued disintegration of American society and the proven inability of American Government to solve even the simplest of problems, the time is now here for a movement. The time has come for a movement that takes the best of the left and the right, forging a new unity amongst the various peoples who make up America, molding them into a single people, a unified nation.


Our long term goal is to achieve political power, putting us in a position to implement our agenda. This will be done through teaching the American people our ideas, and how they will improve the spiritual and material aspects of their lives. The party structure of the American Blackshirts will transcend the traditional function of the Republican and Democratic Parties. Not only will we govern, but we will become an integral part of society. The party, like the nation, must act as an extended family, with the aim of establishing a shared sense of identity amongst its members.


We will dispel the notion that Fascism is an extreme right movement, instead showing that it is a movement of the radical center. While there are issues which we agree with conservatives on, such as matters pertaining to morality and values, we also value the working man and the contributions that he brings to society, along with government having the duty of making sure the economy works for the national community, not just those who have the most capital.


We also reject the favorite pastime of the Tea Party movement of evoking the founding fathers at every opportunity. Make no qualms about it, we are opposed to the ideals of America’s founding fathers, and the establishment of those ideals in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. As a result, they will have no place as governing and historical documents in the new America that we will create. This will be a rebirthed nation, which more accurately reflects the true needs and wants of the American people.


The problems we face today as Americans are not the result of some conspiracy of the super wealthy or a hidden manipulative force, but were given to us by men like Madison and Jefferson. The United States was formed as a business proposition. The purpose of the State was to protect liberty and property, to act as a lifeless instrument which would act as a kind of referee, making sure everyone plays nice. This has created a situation we face today, where traditional values are rapidly disappearing in the name of freedom. We are witnessing the negation of all values. The State is the foundation of a people’s virtue and morality. Nothing exists outside of it, but barbarism. As the power of the State decreases, so does the civility and progress that the State has provided.


We are adamantly opposed to democracy, capitalism, and all the other offshoots of enlightenment thinking. When in power we will establish the Corporate State modeled after Fascist Italy. We will give the government a moral and ethical character. The days of the State being a simple night watchman will be no more. The society we aim to establish will be based upon the human spirit, as it is the most powerful force throughout human history. Family, honor, discipline, and loyalty will be virtues. Rights will be seen not as a gift bestowed by God, but as the result of a fulfillment of our duties as citizens.


We will be a face for the American people. The image of the Fascist being nothing more than a uniformed thug will be a thing of the past. We are a party of ideas, which will put those ideas to action.


"My cause, however, is greater than my individual life.  Hence it always sets before me an ideal which demands more of me than I have yet done, - more, too, than I can ever at any one instant accomplish.  Even because of this vastness of my ideal, even because that to which I am loyal is so much greater than I ever become, even because of all this can my ideal unify my life, and make a rational self of me."  - Josiah Royce -