Help build a future for you and your family in a country that follows your and our ideals.


By joining the party you will help to set the agenda for a better, just & desirable nation for you & your family.  For those willing & able, YOU will have a necessary role in making this country a fascist nation.


Possibly the best part about being a member of American Blackshirts is that it costs nothing to sign-up and join. 


Free Membership offers:

  • Information on occasional meetings;

  • Important policy and news up-dates by e-mail;

  • Exchanging ideas about fascism, our movement and how to develop it; and

  • Receive the periodical "Fascist Struggle"

  • The opportunity to gain regional or an other position(s) in the party to lead, influence, organize and develop your fellow American Blackshirt  members. Such positions are available based upon your abilities, interest and desire to take this nation forward into a better future. 



To become a member, there is one way to join but, please remember, you have to be 18 years or older and, by applying to join you are confirming that you met this important criteria:

Personal Information:

All your personal information remains strictly private and secure and will not be used for any purpose other than as for communication regarding the party.

*The ABP is adamantly opposed to National Socialism and White Nationalism. If you're an adherent to either of these doctrines your presence will not be welcome and will be cause for immediate expulsion from the party.

Please fill out the attached membership application formBy applying you also agree to abide by the ABP code of conduct, violation of which is grounds for dismissal

Membership can also be terminated at will by the Chairman of the party.

Any questions or concerns not concerning membership should be addressed to

ABP Code of Conduct