The American Blackshirts Party was founded as an alternative to an American political culture and environment based upon an idea faulty at its core.  An idea not capable of being improved upon.  We don't believe that a return to Constitutional values or tolerance of diversity will make us a better nation.  Our creed is based upon a rejection of both the contemporary left and right.  An alternative which first arose as a repudiation of the individualist ethos of the enlightenment and finally coalesced into the Fascist movement of the interwar years.  The end of the war was not the end of Fascism but the beginning of a process of reconstituting the broken pieces of an ideology.  The ABP proposes that this process is now complete.  The time for Fascism is NOW!

Section 1

The State is the basis of our ideology.  Through the power of organization it’s the creator of people’s and nations.  Religion and spirituality are only able to exist within a disciplined rule governed society which is the product of the State.  We therefore reject the notion of the Conservative right that the State should be a neutral night watchmen which exists solely to enforce contract and prevent crime and fraud.  We also reject the idea of the liberal left which wants to use the power of the State to liberate people from anything resembling morality or virtue.  It’s our view that the State is an institution rooted in the family and any attempt to extract it from those roots leads to disunity and the fracturing of the national community.

Section 2

Valuing the searching for coherence in our world – reflecting on who we are and what we are about and for the benefit of all species and their environment– is the highest ethos – core value - one can have. Religion is about that search. It comes from many quarters, from the diligent scientist, the philosopher, and in many cases the sectarian. Fascism in its essence means the State is the binding factor in society, which in itself is organic in character. Religion is its essence. The doctrine that religion and State should be separate institutions is a relatively recent phenomenon which didn’t exist prior to the enlightenment. Not only do we aim to return religion to its rightful place in the social hierarchy but work to ensure it permeates all of our being to realize its high ethos. The morals of the citizenry are intimately connected with religion and are the business of the State to maintain and support.


Section 3

Our national unity is being dismantled by the corrupt forces of liberalism. The powers that be produce propaganda promoting racial division and hatred between Americans. Biological racism is a degenerative ideology, and a betrayal to the many that have bled in the defense of the American Race. The context of the word race, used in the previous sentence, is not defined in the traditional sense. It describes an idea that a people of a nation can attain unity through the endurance of hardship, the pursuit of shared ambition, and a state that represents the collective will of a spiritual kinship. The notion of a spiritual American Race is something that we will promote vigorously. This is one of the many positions that separate us from the traditional right wing and National Socialist creeds.

Section 4

To counteract the atomizing and economically destructive aspects of Capitalism a restructuring of society is needed along Corporatist lines.  Each individual will become a member of an occupational group which will serve to reconnect him to his work and provide cultural support.  It’s through the Corporation that the individual comes to acknowledge his dependence on all other members of society and the connection to the nation and State which is his greatest expression.

Section 5

Capitalism is social rot.  We’re seeing the fruits of establishing an economic order based upon self-interest, with our culture being defined by materialism and hedonism.  This is a byproduct of an economic ideology which through its ever increasing need for more market share and profits aims for the destruction of existing cultures and values, viewing these as impediments to be removed. In its place it aims to commodify everything even human beings as products to be bought and sold.


Section 6

Fascism is the source of our thought.  The problems which gave rise to men such as Mussolini have become magnified in our time.  The ideas they espoused have even more relevance in today’s world than they did after the First World War. Our desire to replicate those ideas is not born of a need to emulate but of one to create a better country for our descendants.  In this respect Fascism is both nationalistic and universalistic.  


Section 7

With all that is going on in present day America, we have nothing to gain from solving the problems of faraway nations. We advocate a position of non-intervention, especially in foreign conflicts. Most modern U.S. wars are sparked in defense of capitalism and globalization. That will not be the case in a fascist America. To accompany the reorientation of American interests on global stage, we will align ourselves with like minded nations, whom are ideologically similar and share some of our goals. Some of these potential partners include states like the Russian Federation and Assad’s Syria. The majority of our traditional allies, such as most NATO countries, and those in the Asia, will be recognized as ideologically incompatible with an American fascist state. Our proposed government will support Fascist movements around the world.

Section 8

Most modern political movements attack immigration without addressing its root causes. For example, Republicans and the right wing publicly oppose it, while simultaneously propping up the culprit. The inflow of immigrants will not be stopped by a wall, or a heavily patrolled border because capitalism is dependent on cheap foreign labor to feed its ever increasing need for profit and market share. The inequalities of wealth produced by our economic system lead to inequalities in the share of political power, with those having access to cheap immigrant labor being able to acquire political influence and thereby perpetuate an immigration policy exploitive not only of immigrants themselves but also native workers.  To remedy this broken system and address the economic and social dislocations caused by high rates of immigration, reforms need to be made both economically and politically which will prevent the undermining of the general will by interest groups with the intent to enrich themselves at the public's expense.


Section 9

Democracy is often thought of as majority rule which is true to the extent that 50% plus 1 of the votes will get people elected and pass legislation but it’s also an ideology, which holds that all people are equal, that by the fact of being human they are born with rights which are not dependent upon obligations and duties.  It maintains that the individual is the foundation of society.  All of its insinuations are abstract, and don’t resemble the true nature of man as revealed through history.  Its structure aims to allow the individual the maximum amount of liberty as possible, but by so doing allows the community and the State to be subverted and destroyed.  We propose to replace the democratic system with the Corporatist system which is built around a true reflection of the community.


Section 10

It’s become apparent that the private life of the individual has an impact on the community.  There is no difference between the public and private, they both feed off each other in a dialectical relationship.  To maintain a healthy nation and State it’s imperative to promote through law healthy lifestyles free of drugs, sexual immorality, and a respect for life. We therefore oppose governmental actions which aim to free people from the restraints of morality as tools which enslave people to their passions.  True freedom can only be achieved under a system of law which causes people to recognize their dependence upon morality as being integral to freedom.