Instead of the community containing the individual, it is the individual who - contains - or rather establishes - the community, within his own act of self-consciousness. And here again we must not think of that natural physical community that the imaginations suggests to us, but the spiritual community which is its soul and essence.

- Giovanni Gentile

Gentlemen, Fascism is a party, a political doctrine. But Fascism, while being a party, a political doctrine is above all a total conception of life. So the fascist, whether his is writing in newspapers or reading them, going about his private life or talking to others, looking to the future or remembering the past and the past of his people, must always remember he is a Fascist. Thus he fulfills what can really be said to be the main characteristic of Fascism, to take life seriously. Life is toil, is effort, is sacrifice, is hard work.


- Giovanni Gentile.

A nation is not to be defined in terms of common soil or common life, and the consequent community of traditions and customs, language or religion, etc. All this is only the matter of the nation, not its form; for the nation can only exist where men are conscious of this matter, and accept it in their hearts, as the substantial content of their national personality.

- Giovanni Gentile

The claim that nationality carries with it the claim to autonomous statehood rests on an error. For it is not nationality which creates the State, but the State which creates nationality, by setting the seal of actual existence upon it.

- Giovanni Gentile

A State which presupposes liberty denies it precisely because he presupposes it; for their is no liberty outside the life of the spirit, which unlike natural beings, does not presuppose itself, but creates, conquers and evolves itself. A man becomes free he is not so by nature

-Giovanni Gentile

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