Everything Within the State

April 11, 2016


In today's climate of heightened political tension, it has become increasingly dire
for alternative political movements to take hold, and bring about a positive
revolution to America, and for America. As fascists we have both a duty to act, and
the privilege and honor of acting. We must therefore get creative, and out think our
opposition in our battle for the hearts and minds of our countrymen. Fascism is
dedicated to the spiritual rebirth of the nation and so, our activities can and should
focus on that. I would encourage my fellow fascists to look at the historical
examples of casapound, in Italy, and, the Nation of Islam, in America, specifically
the "Malcolm X years". Both groups enjoyed massive success by conducting a
grassroots campaign of community rebirth and salvation of the dispossessed
communities they sought to reach.


Casapound was founded in 2003 in Rome, Italy. It was founded as a squatting
movement in government owned but unoccupied buildings. They have focused on
rebranding Fascism in the very nation that gave birth to Fascism. They have
successfully presented a new face of fascism to the public by offering housing,
clothing, and food to their countrymen who lack those basic necessities due to
government backed capitalist greed. People are brought in off the street, many of
them youth and shown a new way to live and given a new sense of responsibility to
their life. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of listening to our critics and imagining that
fascism, as the opponent of communism, must therefore be hyper capitalist. But
this is mainly due to a public misunderstanding of our doctrine of corporatism,
which actually could be called trade-unionism. It would rebuild trade unions by
allowing owners to participate and then send their leaders, both from the workers
wing as well as the owner’s wing, to Washington DC to replace our current
congress. We also oppose capitalism. It may even be said that we oppose
capitalism as our main adversary. Communism is, at the very least, a collectivist
ideology. Capitalism is individualist at its core, and cannot coincide with a
collectivist state and a regulated economy. This needs to be explained to people,
and perhaps the best place for this to happen is in the setting of a squatting
settlement or a food bank, where people are grateful for the help they are receiving,
and open to the input of the people who are helping them. Churches do this all the
time, and now, groups like casapound have caught on.


Beginning in the 1930's, but culminating culturally in the 1960's, the Nation of
Islam, under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad, conducted a program of rebirth
of the black community of America. By taking the individual from the streets,
placing on him high expectations of conduct and appearance, and reaffirming in
him the belief that he was a strong, proud, and capable man, who must answer to
his fellow black Muslims, his wife and children, and his community. Their anti-drug
program was the first of its kind in the United States, and to this day, the most
successful. Not only did they require members to get clean, their militia, the Fruit
of Islam, evicted drug dealers from the streets in any territory controlled by the
N.O.I. The Nation of Islam provided education to its members and their children,
operated their own businesses, both to grow and showcase the viability of their
economic model, as well as to employ those members who had been put out of
work. Out of a shabby ragtag, pitiful population, they made strong, educated, and
competent, black men and women.


As Fascists, we are seen by the general public, basically as white plastic armor clad
storm troopers, enforcing the dark intentions of Darth Noyer. What we need to do
is show people that nothing could be further from the truth. Research any laws in
your area about squatting or setting up food banks. Look into the tactics of the food
not bombs movement. Research guerilla gardening. Research the logistics of
operating a squat off the grid, by developing a working knowledge of providing
alternative sources of power, water, and resistance to the elements. When you have
a plan in place, simply find a way to let people know that these services are being
provided to them by Blackshirts, and for the cause of fascism. If there is unused
land in your city, even one lot, plant a garden for people to receive free food, and
simply place a sign showing why it’s there. Show people that we care for them and
that if we were the state, we would work tirelessly to insure that every citizen
would be empowered to provide a good life for themselves, and would enjoy then
full cooperation of the state in doing so. Teach them that their lives are more than
an accident. They have a destiny in the coming fascist state, as well as a higher
purpose in service to their families, their communities, their professions (don't
forget job training), and their birthright, the fascist state! Extol the virtues of not
only fascism, but the leadership provided to our party in the person of Josh Noyer.
Make fascist soldiers out of every person you help through these means, and fulfil
your own duty to the nation, and to the party.


Everything within the state.
Nothing beyond the state.
Nothing against the state.

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