April 11, 2016



 “If freedom is a spiritual conquest and not a natural right, it must be evident by
now that we have the freedom we deserve. In response to democratic liberalism,
which openly laments the loss of freedom, we answer: ‘You dragged the nation
toward skepticism and anarchy; you diminished the dignity of the State with
ideologies that by now are detrimental, and led the nation to the brink of having
lost the ability to have a government. You provoked the reaction, and you alone
were the party truly responsible for necessary use of force. Today you complain
about the violence you are enduring; but you are solely responsible for your
freedom or your slavery; you possess only the freedom that you deserve. Do you
want a larger measure of freedom? Conquer it. To conquer this freedom it is
necessary to set aside your complaints. It is necessary to take action. It is
necessary to convert to an ideal of the State, which is even superior to that of
Fascism and to elevate Fascism to this superior level. Do not deny this and revert
to that situation from which Fascism emerged out of inexorable necessity.”

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