The Truth About Bashar Al Assad

March 11, 2017


Bashar Al-Assad has been demonized by the neo-liberal globalist system, but why, what has this heroic man done to receive such a wicked response? Bashar Al-Assad is the son of former President Hafez Al-Assad, who was a devoted Syrian nationalist, he did everything for his country and all for the greater good of the Syrian people. Assad's government is a coalition of nationalistic minded parties, that consist of the Ba'ath party, the Syrian Social-Nationalist party and several others, all of these parties are bases of popular support for Bashar Al-Assad, statistics show most Syrians support him, yet the mainstream propaganda machine would have you believe his people hate him, which is far from true.
In the 1980s in the city of Hama, Muslim Brotherhood fanatics attempted to overthrow Hafez Al-Assad, they were swiftly crushed by the defense forces of the State. New information shows that the CIA had a hand in attempts at destabilizing Syria, newly leaked documents from the CIA show that they wanted to secure an oil pipeline in 1983 after overthrowing Assad, using Saddam Hussain as a proxy.
Fast forward to today and American liberals, neo-conservatives, and many progressives were calling for war against Bashar Assad. The mindless cry of war in the name of "Human Rights" rhetoric has been the globalist's call for terror against numerous nationalist states ranging from Serbia to Iraq, to Libya. These nations all had one thing in common with Syria, they stood against the global system of liberalism and financial capitalism. America bombed Serbia, destabilized and bombed Libya into a civil-war, overthrew Saddam Hussain and drove Syria into a civil-war all in the name of human rights.
Today the mainstream media has continually lied about President Bashar Assad accusing him of being a mass murderer and ironically enough of financing terrorism. The U.S. Government began arming and financing Radical Islamists affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood who went under the name of the Free Syrian Army in  2011. These groups would work with Al-Qaeda affiliated groups (Jabhat al-Nusra, Islamic State of Iraq, and Ahrar al-Sham) many of them would later go on to form the group we know today as ISIS, some were trained by the U.S. military in Jordan, given advice from British special forces and armed by Turkey and the Gulf states.
The question you may ask is why do the global elite hate Syria? well your question is answered
Syria does not rely on the global banking system, instead like Libya under Qaddafi it is an independent nation, Syria does not rely on loans from the International Monetary Fund it relies on aid from Russia when it is in hard times.
General Wesley Clark once stated in an interview that the plot to destabilize the Middle East goes as far back as 1991, he also said that certain sections of the Pentagon were plotting to take down seven countries in five years. Anyone with a brain would realize that the goal was to spread terrorism across the Middle East by destroying secular governments.
When one looks at the rebel groups in Syria one will quickly notice almost all of them are Islamists,  one group which was supported by the U.S. for a very long time under the Obama administration and which is still supported by Turkey and the Gulf is Ahrar Al-Sham which was founded by former criminals and co-founded by a top Al-Qaeda leader Abu Khalid al-Suri (who was killed in a power struggle with ISIS.) It should be noted that Ahrar Al-Sham was glorified in the mainstream media, and it was considered the largest "moderate" rebel group fighting in the country. The ironic thing being nothing is moderate about Ahrar Al-Sham, they are of the same blood as ISIS. In fact one report from a British Think-Tank states that 60% of Syrian rebels are extremists, so even if America defeated ISIS tomorrow this would not end the threat of radical Islamism.
Catholics in Syria have begged the West to stop supporting these radical barbarians, the West has ignored their pleas mainly and has allowed them to be murdered by radicals.
Syrian rebels have engaged in cannibalism, raped women and children, beheaded and burned people alive, utilized chemical weapons on military and possibly even civilian targets and have murdered entire families. In one case the rebels lynched a small Shiite child after murdering his whole family.
Ahrar al-Sham would later merge with Al-Qaeda in an alliance called "the Army of Conquest" which included Jabhat Al-Nusra which the state department lists as an Al-Qaeda affiliate and terrorist group, among other Jihadists involved in the AOC, the so-called "moderates" became infamous for beheading a 10 year old boy they captured.
This brings the ultimate question, what separates the so-called "Moderate rebels" who the mainstream media venerated from violent ISIS members who the media demonized? The answer is absolutely nothing, the so called "moderates" were Al-Qaeda, trying to ask which one is good and which one is not, is like trying to separate the Devil from Satan.
The globalists also created ISIS, by overthrowing Assad a power vacuum was created and every warlord and terrorist had the opportunity to take power, with the civil-wars in Syria and Iraq and with problems in Lebanon a massive terror network was created, allowing for a massive proliferation of arms and monetary support that the terrorists were able to use.
The President of Turkey Erdogan is not short of scandals involving support for terrorism, however Erdogan's son in law Berat Albayrak who is the Minister of Oil was exposed as having purchasing and smuggling oil from ISIS, essentially he was caught being their business partner.
Emails obtained by Redhacks and sent to Wikileaks, show that Berat maintained a rather profitable relationship with ISIS, working with Powertrans a company implicated in the oil with ISIS. The hacked emails revealed his desperate attempts to cover-up his relationship with Powertrans, even begging his lawyer to lie for him.
Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told journalists that Turkey resells the oil purchased from ISIS. The Russia military officials displayed satellite images before an audience showing convoys of trucks being loaded at oil installations controlled by ISIS in both Syria and Iraq and then crossing into Turkey. The Pentagon of course was extremely quick to deny the allegations despite the satellite proof of the transactions.
President Putin himself exposed the true backers of ISIS in a televised broadcast

Former DIA head and now former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn showed how the White House willfully supported ISIS as a military buffer against President Bashar Al-Assad
Erdogan's son in law is not the only politician with a relationship to ISIS, Hillary Clinton and John Mccain both have very strong connections that cannot be denied. Hillary Clinton whose ties to Saudi Arabia and Qatar are well known, had knowledge of Saudi/Qatari support for ISIS which was  revealed by the wikileaks emails, in fact in the email she states that the Governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are supporting ISIS, not just some rouge members, but the Governments.
This means the same people giving money to ISIS are the same ones giving money to the Clinton foundation.
Hillary Clinton was the one who persuaded the Government to overthrow Qaddafi allowing for the spread of Islamism, the destabilization of Libya, and the eventual migrant crisis. In fact Qaddafi was the only thing preventing illegal immigration from Africa into Southern Europe, when Qaddafi was overthrow the borders of Africa were blown open, allowing for a proliferation of illegal arms, drugs and illegal migrants.

Hillary Clinton also served on the board of a corporation that funded ISIS called Lafarge which is owned by a French conglomerate.
Lafarge owned a cement plant in Syria, but in 2011 it started paying local terrorists affiliated with ISIS and other rebel groups to continue to operate it's buisness. An investigation carried by out by Zaman al-Wasl shows that Lafarge purchased oil from ISIS daily. Lafarge is in such a deep scandal and yet the mainstream media refuses to cover the court cases of Lafarge scandal.
John Mccain had a leaked video on his phone that revealed footage of a fake beheading believed to have taken place in a Turkish studio, many people have alleged that ISIS's beheading videos are fakes, psy-ops designed to create fear for a boogeyman to scare the public.
However decency still exists in the world today, God fearing patriots everywhere are speaking out against terrorism and stand in solidarity with President Bashar Al-Assad, among these are the American Blackshirts Party and the American Social Union, currently two heroic individuals one Democrat and one Republican have stood up in support for President Assad
Republican Senator Richard Black and Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard both of whom are veterans of America's heroic military, visited the Syrian Government and met with President Assad, when they returned with the truth and exposed the terror network created by ISIS and the corrupt American deep state that back terrorism.
another brave soul worth mentioning is Canadian journalist Eva Barlett who exposed the mainstream media's lies before the United Nation's council


Comrades, let us stand and salute the honorable Bashar Al-Assad, the one true lion of Syria!
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